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Spiritual Wellness & Education

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Local Events & Markets


catch us live & in-person

Practitioner Day at Nature's Treasures
Thur. July 4th, 11am - 5pm
4103 N IH-35 Service Rd, Austin, TX 78722

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Walk-ins welcome, or prebook for $5 off your session!

$10 Admission Fee

(2 DAYS!) Spiritual Life Productions:

Metaphysical & Holistic Life Expo

Sat. July 6th, 10am - 6pm & Sun. July 7th. 11am - 6pm

Norris Conference Centers

2525 W. Anderson Ln, Unit 365, Austin, TX 78757

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San Antonio: The Healing Arts Festival & Market

Sat. May 11th, 11am - 5pm

The Eagle's Nest
1235 Basse Rd, San Antonio 78212

Practitioner Day at Nature's Treasures
Thur. July 31st, 11am - 5pm
4103 N IH-35 Service Rd, Austin, TX 78722

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Digital & Recorded Readings

Sol & Root

Sol & Root was created with the intention of supporting & educating the collective in Spiritual Embodiment and assisting in the Ascension of Earth & its diverse inhabitants.

As a Wellness company we emphasize the importance of Spiritual Wellbeing alongside all other known avenues of wellness such as physical, social, emotional, occupational, financial, environmental, and intellectual. In our practice we've come to the understanding that everything begins within the spiritual plane, eventually manifesting into the other aspects that create the makeup of our reality. This is designed to bring us into awareness and alignment with our highest good. By understanding this vital process we being to align ourselves with true fulfillment and peace.

This is our mission.

As a healer, my goal is to assist in balancing, embodying, and deepening our collective expression of Divinity. Our practice is built on various principles across different philosophies, recognizing the similarities of these teaching rather than their differences.

We aim to expand and grow, but we start here.

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